... verpackt alles - schnell und hochwertig

... packages everything - fast and in high qualtity

shrink film made from polyethylene

Schrumpffolie aus Polyethylen


PE films

It's a matter of trust


We have proven for over 50 years now that excellent shrink characteristics and optics are priorities for our Duralen polyethylene shrink film.


Our time-tested production technology and a particular raw material, which was developed especially for us in the laboratory, meet both your and our high requirements.


Our strength is flexibility.


Whether you experience deadline pressure or a lack of material supply


                                           - as a family-run company -,


we are capable of delivering at any time and organise your urgent orders over night.

We arrange the transport for you, which means that you can continue working without any interruptions.


Our extruders are in use for you around the clock.


DURALEN films guarantee a high degree of shrinkage and bond well. They can be processed perfectly in any packaging plant.