... verpackt alles - schnell und hochwertig

... packages everything - fast and in high qualtity

shrink film made from polyethylene

Schrumpffolie aus Polyethylen



What you know,

                                     what you should know...



Liquid hydrocarbons from crude oil serve as a basis for the manufacture of polyethylene.


Neither during the manufacture nor during the processing of PE do any vapours or effluents occur that are damaging to the health.


PE-films are physiologically faultless; they correspond to recommendations of the respective national health authorities.


PE-films do not contain any plasticizers, heavy metals or any other toxicologically questionable additions.


PE-films can in principle be recycled after use, because even refuse is raw material.


And what counts in particular: Our  films are genuie sort products made of PE-LD -

a particulary good prerequisite for material recycling.