... verpackt alles - schnell und hochwertig

... packages everything - fast and in high qualtity

shrink film made from polyethylene

Schrumpffolie aus Polyethylen



Our philosophy is:

For you, we’re delighted to reveal our true dimensions. And this can be seen in our willingness to be wholly committed to you, our customers.


For us, the customer is king.

Thus, it is only logical that for us, competent consultancy is a matter of priority. And that has been the case for 50 years. We want you to be completely satisfied. With our consultancy, with our readiness to help, our friendliness, and - of course, with our PE films.


This is why we, as the owner-team of DURAPLAST, always give you our best. For only in this way can we be sure that you will place your orders with us, and that not just today, but also in future.


So - should you have a problem with films, then why not come to us. We will help you in both word and deed.